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Wesele w stylu vintage pod namiotem

Traditional Pole

Traditional marquees, which for several decades have a wide appeal, especially on British market.

Traditional is a modular marquee, so that we can freely extend its lenght. Mixing together two opposite roof sheets, we get a round marquee with one main pole (9m x 9m or 12m x 12m). Afterwards, another 6m wide middle roof sheets can be added an then conctruction has additional stanching poles. Combination of walls can be random (walls with or without windows).

The height of conctruction is about 7 meters.

Available dimensions

  • 6m x 6m
  • 6m x 9m
  • 6m x 12m
  • 6m x 15m
  • 6m x 18m
  • 6m x 21m
  • 9m x 9m
  • 9m x 15m
  • 9m x 21m
  • 9m x 27m
  • 9m x 33m
  • 12m x 12m
  • 12m x 18m
  • 12m x 24m
  • 12m x 30m
  • 12m x 36m

All the fabrics used in production of marquees are suitable for European standards. We offer several fabric options: Polycotton Canvas and PVC (canvas textured or smooth). All fabrics offered are fire retardant and water resistant. Our marquees have all constructional calculations.

Project: Barkers Marquees - Great Britain
Production: Tentrum - Poland

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