Project and performance
The basic subject of Tentrum company is manufacturing, sales, and marquee constructions rental. Our producs stack up for organising outdoor events such as weddings, corporate retreats, concerts and much more.

We offer our best verified solutions, as well as projects suited to individual customers’ needs. Our marquees have the reputation for production’s accurancy and unrepeatable design.

Our history
Tentrum company was estabilished due to long-term cooperation with Barkers Marquees, which for almost 80 years deals width designing nad manufacturing event marquees and other marquee constructions.

Thanks to huge experience we can offer you trust-worthy products. We manufacture marquees based on wooden and aluminium construction, that are made from different fabrics (polycotton canvas, PCV and textured PCV). Nowadays, both companies strictly cooperate and provide products of highest quality to European and global market.

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